New Heights Roofing & Exteriors

Our Difference

When you need a residential roofing contractor that can install, repair or replace a variety of materials, contact New Heights Roofing and Exteriors.

We can break down why New Heights Roofing & Exteriors is best for you and your home in 5 points:

  1. We Do Not Subcontract

At New Heights Roofing, we take the time to do our own work. The same crew that promises you results is on hand to actually install your roofs. Subcontracting can mean an unknown company without reference, may be working on your home. We keep our work within the company to ensure what is promised gets delivered. When looking for your next roofing or exterior project, talk to the guys who actually do the work at New Heights Roofing and Exteriors.

  1. We Are Experienced

At New Heights Roofing and Exteriors you will find exclusively experienced installers and removers. Simply put, we have been on thousands of roofs. Working all year round, we complete hundreds of roofs each year with picture perfect results. This kind of experience mean not only are we efficient at our work, but we have identified, and performed countless roof repairs or roof replacements. We have seen, and fixed it all.

  1. We Are Skilled Tradesmen/Tradeswomen

Each of our team has specific specialties in which they excel, allowing us to complete amazing results even at extreme angles, high heights, and with unique home styles. How caps are applied and the order in which roof replacements are completed is key to their longevity. We will go step by step, without cutting corners. The skilled hands of each and every employee mean there are no weak or unreliable links in the chain. We are ready for your call.

  1. We Are Clean And Efficient

We make sure your home is clean when we are done. Nobody wants nails in their tires, or worse their feet. With children, storage areas, yards and driveways surrounding a home, we understand a high priority must be placed on cleanliness. We make sure your roof is complete. With the exception of weather, we will always start and finish the job in the most efficient way possible without cutting corners. Installing roofs, siding, or trim efficiently means the chance for roof damage after stripping is eliminated. Our experience and cross-trained highly specialized workers and crew chiefs means we are all capable and happy to perform the best job the right way, without mistakes.

  1. We Offer The Best Possible Prices

As far as Winnipeg roofing companies go, you will simply not find the quality we offer for such a competitive price. Our pricing strategy is simple. We know home owners and businesses alike often get multiple quotes. We know we offer a high standard of quality workmanship, so why not price underneath the competition to earn your business and all the word of mouth referrals which are bound to result.