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Winnipeg is a city experiencing all the seasons… and not lightly either. We see heavy snow, rain, and heat throughout the year. These extreme changes in weather take a serious toll on your home, but more specifically, on your roofing. There are many Winnipeg roofing companies out there who want your business, but we do things differently, with safety and quality top of mind. Insurance claims, renovations, or simple repairs–we want to help you. In your search for Winnipeg roofing companies, make sure you make a phone call to New Heights Roofing & Exteriors for a free quote. 

 We take pride in knowing we are one of Winnipeg’s most responsible roofing companies.


Winnipeg Residential

Friendly service, talented roofing professionals, and the confidence in knowing you are getting the best possible outcome on your renovations. These are the reasons to choose New Heights Roofing & Exteriors Winnipeg to repair or replace your home’s roofing. Soffit, fascia, siding, eavestroughs, roofing. We handle it all and more. If you’re searching for a roofing company to protect your home, call us for a free quote today..

Dedicated and Trained staff, contact us today!

Winnipeg Insurance Claims

We can get you written quotes fast! When your home has gone through intense Winnipeg weather, a fire, or anything else that might force and insurance claim, talk to us about your roofing or exterior replacement or repairs. Getting your home back to the way it was is of utmost importance during a time like this, so don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote. Your search for a roofing company is finally over. We’re more than happy to work with you and your insurance company to ensure you get the roofing you deserve.


Winnipeg Service

Maintaining your roofing can go a long way. Where a roofing install might be rated to last for 15 to 20 years, you can ensure you reach that benchmark, or even surpass it, through proper maintenance and service. The New Heights Roofing & Exteriors Winnipeg roofers are more than happy to help you with your maintenance and service. If you suspect your roofing may need some work, or perhaps you’ve had new roofing installed in the last three to five years, call us for a quote on our maintenance and service programs.

Siding & Exteriors

No home exterior is complete without proper siding, fascia, eavestroughs, and soffit. These elements come together to create not only a perfect seal, but also a perfect theme. Choosing and installing the right siding to match your home’s roofing and additional features requires attention to detail as well as an eye for design. The New Heights Roofing & Exteriors Winnipeg team is experienced and skilled in the art of installing siding and other exterior features for renovations, repairs, and insurance claims. For more information or to book a free quote, call or email us today. Also be sure to look through our website to find out more details about how we can make the difference in your home. 

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Free Estimates

We take our time to survey your home before estimating. It is important to be on site to properly survey the scene, the success points, the difficult points, and any special concerns. This detailed joist visit helps us to show up on game day ready to play. Beware of scam artists giving you over the phone pricing, they are likely way over priced to cover their butt. At New Heights Roofing and Exteriors, we take the time to get you a fair price. You will be treated with honesty, be given a clear written quote, be shown options of roofing materials or siding materials, have expert recommendations given, and all FOR FREE!

Winnipeg Repairs

Fixing roofing may be the best option in many cases. Renovations don’t always have to be about replacing. If your roofing has an issue, or has received damage from Winnipeg’s unpredictable weather, talk to us about repairing instead of replacing. Our roofers have the experience and knowledge to get into roofing and assess any damage and the necessary repairs to bring it back to its former glory. Stop searching for a Winnipeg roofing company and phone us for a free quote today!


When you need a residential roofing contractor that can install, repair or replace a variety of materials, contact New Heights Roofing and Exteriors.


Kevin Polonuk

New Heights shingled my roof which is a large bungalow very quickly and did an outstanding job. The crew was very professional and thorough. The roof looks amazing and I would recommend them in a second. Great group and highly motivated to get the job done right. Hope they are still working when I have to redo the roof in 40 years.

Bala C

Kyle and Cary have been amazing in providing on-time quotes and sending out their crew for installation as promised. The installers were punctual, respectful and completed the job up to my satisfaction with great attention to detail. I’ve even referred New Heights to my friends who are considering roof repair and installation.

They have given me a reasonable quote fulfilling all my requests and addressing my concerns. I highly recommend New Heights for your roofing and exterior needs.

Yana Shtainberg

Amazing service from start to finish. These guys really care! They are good at communicating and when things are going to happen, explaining delays or changes, providing options, and explaining the different aspects of their products.
We had some issues with my old roof, but all of them were handled very professionally, promptly, and properly. To me they were competitive in pricing and what makes it worthwhile is the customer service and the fact I really feel it was done right the first time!

Keep Safe from Manitoba Weather

The roofing of your home is what protects you and your family from the elements. While a home with old windows may be drafty and expensive to heat, an old leaky roof comes with a whole new set of challenges. There isn’t a dial you can turn to compensate for the problems of ineffective roofing.

If your roofing lets water into the home, problems can spread quickly. In Winnipeg homes with an older roof, especially those with a chimney, you can see significant water penetration affecting more areas than one. The roofing rots rendering shingles unusable, and in some cases, opening the attic up to the elements. 

Water can run through the structure of the home, bulging paint, damaging insulation and rotting the drywall/wood on the inside. On the outside, fascia and soffit can become damaged. In multi-level homes, the water can run through all the floors–causing damage all the way to the basement. 

Winnipeg Winter brings its own unique challenges for your roofing. It can compress water and ice into any problem spaces on your roofing, and if removal of the snow doesn’t happen as it accumulates, the weight can become a major problem. The heavy ice and snow push down on the shingles and the structure, furthering the extent of existing problem spaces and creating new ones. As Spring arrives, the snow and ice melt and refreeze until it’s all eventually gone–leaving behind roofing filled with holes and structural issues. Compound this over decades of Winnipeg Winters and roofing simply cannot help but deteriorate. Heavy ice accumulation can also cause damage to eavestroughing, which may need replacing as well. 

While eavestroughs can fall victim to the Winter elements, so, too, can your fascia, soffit, and siding. These exterior elements play a crucial role in protecting your home and keeping it sealed from the outdoors. Our roofers also specialize in exterior maintenance and installation. Fascia, soffit, eavestroughs, and siding are something we are intimately familiar with. 

Why Us?

Trust – WE DO NOT SUBCONTRACT. Our talented employees understand that your home is a prized possession. Rest assured that our team will provide an expert installation, personally.

Diligence – An accomplished team of employees are committed to working efficiently to produce the highest quality results for you and your home.

Attentiveness – We take pride in our meticulous workmanship and thorough worksite cleanup.

Consideration – We understand that as a homeowner may experience some stress when roof repairs or replacements are needed.

About Us

We are here to put your mind at ease with a genuine desire to provide our residential clients with optimal value. Through hard work, strong ethics, and a commitment to quality and integrity, we have earned a reputation among Winnipeg roofing companies that we are proud of.

Whether you are in need of a minor repair or complete roof replacement, will provide you with the quality workmanship, and top of the line materials. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the ultimate roofing experience.

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