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Metal Shingles Winnipeg

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Roofing has come a long way—and metal shingles in Winnipeg is proof of that.

Metal roofing, in its early days, only consisted of flat panels or corrugated standing seams. But the household market has shifted its demands toward practicality without sacrificing quality. Hence, the birth of metal shingles.

What are metal shingles?

Metal shingles are a type of metal roofing known to provide flexibility and immense durability. They can be made from either steel, aluminum, copper, or even zinc.

Aluminum and steel are the most popular types of metal shingles and can last for up to 50 years above. On the other hand, premium metals such as copper and zinc are less common because of their high cost; but they are guaranteed to stay with you for generations. They can last twice as long as aluminum and steel, even with minimal maintenance.

Metal shingles are also flexible in terms of appearance. You can choose among an array of colors, materials, textures, shapes, and build. They can even replicate the look of cedar shingles or slate shingles without incorporating their major disadvantages. Want an old, rustic feel to your home without the added maintenance? Get metal shingles a-la cedarwood. Like to add a touch of contemporary? Go for slate-Esque metal shingles.

Advantages of metal shingles

  • Flexible
  • Highly durable
  • Sustainable
  • Low-maintenance


The most fascinating feature of metal shingles is their ability to mimic other shingle types. They allow you to imitate the look of wood shakes, clay tiles, and even slates.

Highly durable

Metal shingles are one of the most durable roofing materials out there in the market right now. They easily last for generations and can survive just fine with minimal maintenance. It’s also highly resistant to extreme weather, even fire, and hail.


One surprising fact about metal shingles is that they are 100% recyclable. Aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and zinc all leave zero waste at the end of their lifetime and can be further reused in the future. Metal roofs can be commonly recycled into appliances, cans, door handles, etc.

Low maintenance

As a product of modern technology, metal shingles adapt to those with a busy lifestyle by needing little necessary maintenance. Unlike wood, metal does not attract bugs and moss, which means they need minimal cleaning. Rust is also easily avoided since metal shingles are coated with layers and layers of paint and primer. Repainting your metal roof is not really necessary, but it depends on the type of coating you have.

Disadvantages of metal shingles

  • Probability of corrosion
  • Expensive (copper)
  • Prone to dents

Probability of corrosion

Metal shingle is like a dream in terms of economic practicality except for one thing: corrosion.

The good news is, not all metals are prone to corrosion. Copper shingles do not corrode while zinc has a low potential. Galvanized steel and aluminum, on the other hand, are prone to corrosion. If you live near the coast or in a humid environment, it’s best to think about what type of metal to invest in, and what the necessary steps are in order to avoid such an incident.

Expensive (copper)

Unless the budget is not at all a problem, getting the best choice of metal roofing out there will be a problem. While metal roofing isn’t the most expensive type of roofing out there, it can cost a ton. Copper generally costs $2,000 per 100 sq. ft.

Prone to dents

Metal is a flexible material. Hailstorms have a tendency to leave dents, especially to thin-gauge metals. Depending on the type, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. And even if you do get dents on your roof, they tend to be unnoticeable.

Standing seam metal and corrugated metal

A little background on the different types of metal roofing can shed more light on metal shingles. Besides metal shingles, there are two other main types of metal roofing for residential properties:

  • Corrugated/ribbed metal panels
  • Metal shingles

Standing seam roofs are essentially vertical metal panels that can be cut up to whatever length. This type remains to be the most popular choice of metal roofing for household owners thanks to their distinctive, continuous look.

Corrugated metal panels are the second most popular type of metal roofing. Their iconic wavy build can be commonly seen on barn roofs or yard sheds. Typically, corrugated/ribbed metal panels are made from thin-gauge steel, which makes them the most economical pick among metal roofs.

With metal roofing in Canada, you would be shocked in how much you can save knowing the alternative. If you buy the costly alternative, then be prepared to be shocked. Most roofing is costly, but this is ideal in Canada because of the prices. Buy, Save, then Sell!